What We're Reading - March 10, 2016


Amazingly, we haven’t used a Watergate reference to describe this situation yet...
Charges Filed Against Brazil Ex-President Lula da Silva (WSJ — 10 March 2016)

C’mon Peru - let Guzman run!
Peru bars Fujimori's biggest rival from presidential race (Reuters — 10 March 2016)

Maduro ignores problems at home by playing diplomatic games with DC.
Venezuela retira su encargado de negocios en Washington (CiudadCCS — 9 March 2016)

¡Abajo el bloqueo! — US Chamber of Commerce.
Business believes US embargo on Cuba to crumble (The Hill — 10 March 2016)

¡Viva Vaca Muerta!
Argentina’s ‘Dead Cow’ Provides Rare Bright Spot for Oil, Gas Drillers (WSJ — 9 March 2016)

Death comes for the salmon.
Chile’s Salmon Industry Is Being Strangled by Algae (UNDark — 8 March 2016) 

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