What We're Reading - February 9, 2016

Are things at Pemex worse that we thought?
Is Pemex Management Slowly Coming Apart at the Seams? (El Daily Post – February 9, 2016)

Godzilla Sambas into Brazilian Pharma
Japanese Firm Acquires Brazilian Capsule Maker Genix (Latin America Herald Tribune – February 8, 2016)

We just found Brazil’s only cheerleader: Paul McNamara at GAM
Are We Missing a Bright Turnaround Story in Brazil? (Bloomberg – February 8, 2016)

Not if, but when?
Venezuela Faces Test on Debt (WSJ - February 8, 2016)

Postcards from the Edge….
Traveling Through Venezuela, a Country Teetering on the Brink (NY Times – February 9, 2016)

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