What We're Reading - February 8, 2016

Down Goes Emilio….
Mexican President to Name New Head of State Oil Company (WSJ – February 8, 2016)

Haiti Adds “President” to its List of Needs
Haitian President Michel Martelly bids farewell (Miami Herald – February 7, 2016) 

This week on Jerry Springer, Brazilian Lawyers who Blab….
The Lawyer for Brazil's Troubled Billionaire Banker Wants to Talk (Bloomberg – January 31, 2016)

Party Ends Early for Samba Schools as Corporates Cut Back….
Carnaval de rua tira dinheiro de escolas de samba (Estado de Sao Paulo – February 6, 2016)

Hey, At Least We’re Not China…Yet
LatAm Banks: Not That Bad….Yet (LatAm PM – February 4, 2016)

Subprime in the Sunshine….
What Rio de Janeiro’s economic woes mean for homebuyers (FT – February 5, 2016) 

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