What We're Reading - February 4, 2016

Jose Canseco Angling for Kuroda’s Job?
Jose Canseco Is Tweeting About the Bank of Japan's Negative Rates. He Is Not a Fan (Bloomberg – Feb 3, 2016)

Is the Venezuela-China Machine Running on Fumes?
PDVSA short on oil shipments to China, Venezuela could restructure debt (Petroleumworld.com – Feb 2, 2016)


Another achievement for the Bolivarian Revolution….
These Are the World's Most Miserable Economies (Bloomberg – Feb 4, 2016)

Plan Colombia 2.0?
Colombia Leader to Ask Obama for Dollars, Terror List Change (NY Times – Feb 4, 2016)

It's all about the Bolivars, baby……
Inflation-Wrought Venezuela Orders Bank Notes by the Planeload (WSJ – Feb 3, 2016)

Peru gets caught skinny dipping in Commodity Price Low tide….
Exclusive: Peru joins commodity-exporter queue for World Bank financing (Reuters – Feb 3, 2016)

Cuba? The Next Frontier for Napa Valley?
100 California Wineries Establish A Beachhead In Cuba (Forbes – Feb 4, 2016)

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