What We're Reading - February 23, 2016

CONCACAF found a way to lead FIFA in something...
Can One of the Dirtiest Corners of Global Soccer Clean Up Its Own Act? (Bloomberg – February 23, 2016)

Is Keiko the next Jeb?
Close runoff seen in Peru election as Fujimori loses ground: poll (Reuters – February 21, 2016)

And you thought coming back from your last vacation was hard….
Ex-Rousseff Campaign Official, Wife Surrender in Brazil Corruption Probe (WSJ – February 23, 2016)

Opening a new credit card to pay off an old one?
Holdouts: emitirán bonos por US$ 15.000 millones para financiar los pagos (La Nacion – February 23, 2016)

When LOL is both sad and an understatement…
VenEconomy: They Squandered All Venezuela’s Money, Laughed Out Loud (Latin America Herald Tribune – February 22, 2016)

As goes the price of copper, so goes Chile. Still?
Chile's small-scale miners battling to stay afloat amid copper rout (Reuters – February 22, 2016)

Cuba is officially at the center of a gold rush…
Australia is sending its first trade mission to Cuba (Reuters – February 23, 2016)  

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