What We're Reading - February 22, 2016

I-Bankers, start your engines
Argentina Debt Injunction to Be Lifted in Blow to Hedge Funds (Bloomberg — 19 February 2016)

Down goes Evo... 
Morales Lags in Bolivia Referendum Vote (WSJ — 22 February 2016)

That’s gotta hurt
GM could cancel $1.6 billion investment in Brazil (Reuters — 21 February 2016)

The dismembering of BTG Pactual continues
BTG Pactual vende banco BSI ao suíço EFG International por US$ 1,34 bilhão (Estadão — 22 February 2016)

"But while our embargo didn’t succeed in reforming the country, the slow, steady infiltration of capitalism just might."
Will Democracy Follow Capitalism Into Cuba? (NYT — 19 February 2016)

Miguel Díaz-Canel’s time to shine?
After the Castro brothers: How much power will Cuba’s crown prince really wield? (Miami Herald — 21 February 2016)

On the horizon: kimchi pupusas?
S. Korea Resumes FTA Negotiations with Central American Countries (KBS World Radio — 22 February 2016) 

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