What We're Reading - February 17, 2016

“There isn’t anything that’s so bad it can’t get worse. Case in point: the Brazilian economy."
S&P corta nota de crédito do Brasil de novo (Veja — 17 February 2016)

Cleanup on aisle ‘Argentine Debt’ continues, but there’s still a lot of mess...
Deuda: más acreedores aceptaron la oferta argentina (La Nación — 17 February 2016)
Tables turned in Argentine holdouts saga (FT — 17 February 2016)

Belt-tightening & rate rises in Mexico.
Recortan 132 mil mdp en gasto y Pemex (Reforma — 17 February 2016)

Lava jatos makes waves halfway around the world
Asia rig builders reel from oil price rout (FT — 17 February 2016)

Santiago Metro is the most expensive in Latin America
Metro de Santiago es el más caro de América Latina (24horas — 16 February 2016) 

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