What We're Reading - February 12, 2016

It’s a kind of “Magic"
Venezuela Supreme Court Upholds Maduro's Emergency Decree (Bloomberg — 12 Feb 2016)

If it wasn’t before, time for these guys to brush off their résumés...
BTG to Plan More Job Cuts, Pay 2015 Bonuses in Two Tranches (Bloomberg — 12 Feb 2016)

‘Soars' is maybe a strong word here...
Chinese finance to Latin America soars to $29 bn in 2015 (Fox News Latino — 11 Feb 2016)

…which won’t stop CNN from scaremongering.
Latin America: China's power play right under the U.S. (CNNMoney — 11 Feb 2016)

Unclear if they went to Ambos Mundos for a daiquiri afterwards.
Minuto a Minuto: Encuentro histórico entre el Papa Francisco y el Patriarca Kirill en La Habana (Granma — 12 Feb 2016) 


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