What We're Reading - January 28, 2016

Brazil - it's the (consumer) economy, stupid.
Brazil is not drive by commodity exports (Mark Dow, 27 Jan 16)

Was yesterday's Bovespa rally because the markets think Lula is going down?
Lava Jato se aproxima de Lula — e ajuda a Bovespa (Geraldo Samor, 27 Jan 16)

Macri is walking the walk in Argentina - cutting subsidies and improving oversight.
Argentina’s Cut to Electricity Subsidies Will Raise Rates in Buenos Aires (WSJ, 27 Jan 16)
New Head of Argentina’s Financial-Crimes Agency Aims to Repair Ties With U.S. (WSJ, 27 Jan 16)

Ducking trade deals keeps you addicted to commodity exports.
A Chain Reaction? Effects of Mega-Trade Agreements on Latin America (Bertelsmann Foundation, 27 Jan 16) 

WHO scrambling the jets to address Zika.
Zika Virus ‘Spreading Explosively’ in Americas, W.H.O. Says (NYT, 28 Jan 16)

EPN goes a long way to look for support.
Acuerdos con Qatar potenciarán relación bilateral: EPN (NYT, 28 Jan 16)

Mexico moving to make it's implicit support of Pemex explicit.
Mexico to Evaluate Possible Pemex Capital Injection: Messmacher (Bloomberg, 27 Jan 16)


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