What We're Reading - January 27, 2016

Brazilian authorities have beef with JBS:
JBS Tumbles as Prosecutor Accuses Executives of Financial Crime (Bloomberg Jan 27, 2016)

But will he really try to?
Ramos Allup wants to democratically remove Maduro (Bloggings by boz, Jan 27, 2016)

Things go from bad to worse at BTG:
BTG to Layoff at least 30% of its Staff (Veja, Jan 26, 2016)

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Oh wait…. Pandering in Venezuela:
Foes May Hate Hugo Chávez, but They Like His Political Playbook (NY Times, 26, 2016)

Predicting headlines in 2022: Indian Recession Sinks LatAm Economy
Will booming India topple China in Latin America? (Open Democracy – Jan 27, 2016)

China doubles (quintuples) down on lending to Ecuador:
Ecuador Secures $970m Credit Line from China’s ICBC  (FT – Jan 22, 2016)

Paving the Way for FDI in Colombia:
Sura, Credicorp create investment vehicle for Colombia's 4G highway program (Fox News Latino – Jan 26, 2016)

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