Chinese wine market: Still corked after all these years

Wilson Center Argentina Project Weekly Asado - June 8, 2018

Argentina has not ignored the Chinese market. In 2010, for example, Mendoza opened an export promotion office in Shanghai. There is now an Argentine wine store on TMall. And this year, 23 Argentine vineyards promoted their wine at the Interwine Beijing expo. But during a trip to Beijing for the expo, ProMendoza’s general manager, Fernando Urdaniz, said to better compete, Argentina would require a “presencia constante y permanente, ya que los asiáticos valoran mucho las relaciones interpersonales, es decir conocer en forma directa con quién harán negocios.” There are structural challenges, too, Mike Derham, of Novam Portam, told me. Chile, for example, sells its wine duty free in China. But “what is more important is getting it in front of Chinese consumers,” he said. “They’d benefit from taking a page from Chile’s playbook, with in-store samples, pairing menus and the like.”