Novam Portam is a boutique advisory firm dedicated to connecting Latin America with the world. 


Latin America has capitalized on sustained growth to take its place at the heart of the global economy. While the process has been swift, it has not been met without significant challenges. Lines of communication, relationships, and services have struggled to evolve in step. The result, a considerable knowledge and relationship gap for the region's institutions and interested partners.

Novam Portam is committed to bridging these gaps by leveraging its extensive network of existing relationships across Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and Oceania, and forging new ones where necessary. With an in-depth understanding of  Latin America and the region's evolving role in the global economy, Novam Portam is well-equipped to assist its clients build relationships and maximize the success of prospective investments and business deals.

Photo by  Mike Behnkin

Photo by Mike Behnkin

Photo by  Simon Q

Photo by Simon Q

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