The core of Novam Portam's business is our ability to open doors and build quality relationships for our clients.

Novam Portam maintains a comprehensive network of  high-level relationships with government officials, multilateral institutions, asset managers, corporations,  financial institutions, and advisers throughout Latin America,  the United States, Canada,  Europe, China, Asia-Pacific, and Australia. 

Novam Portam's relationships transcend sector and asset class, enabling greater flexibility to meet our clients needs. We take an exhaustive approach to the objectives of each client, creating a unique strategy to open the doors and build the relationships necessary to achieve them. 

What Sets Novam Portam Apart?

Novam Portam specializes in opening doors and developing relationships in China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, and the GCC.

The corporations, funds and financial institutions in these countries represent a new and largely untapped group of partners for Latin America. Novam Portam excels in unlocking these hard to reach relationships, so whether you are a Chilean bank looking to expand its trade finance business with Korean exporters, a Chinese construction company looking to bid on projects in Paraguay, or a Mexican fund looking to set up a non-deal road-show in Australia, we are your optimal partner. 

Novam Portam Helps Our Clients Build Relationships Through:

Photo by Mike Benhken